The AFP has spent considerable resources updating our Judging Certification Platform. This web-based platform will offer more accessibility and convenience, as well as an enhanced platform for management, communication and scheduling.  Recently we have been working with the ski associations of the major freeskiing countries in an effort to reach as many judges as possible. This partnership has

As we all know, judging is a crucial component to the success and growth of our sport. With a community of talented, educated and passionate judges, the future of our sports is bright. Much like the AFP's ranking system that lays out a clear progression path for athletes to pursue their goals, we need a similar path for judges—a path that gets individuals involved, shows them how they progress and grow as a judge, and ultimately where that path can lead—judging the best freeskiing athletes in the world at Platinum Level AFP events.

The AFP has also implemented a Standardized Pay Rates for judges. After extensive feedback and consultation from the event and judging community, we have decided to implement a standardized minimum pay rate for AFP judges. This is designed to accomplish the following:
• Create a consistent and fair payment schedule among AFP sanctioned events
• Provide transparency to the judging community
• Promote professionalism and dedication within judging
• Assist in the recruitment, retention and growth in participation

The following minimum pay rates should be paid to judges based on sanctioning level, judge’s position and number of competition days of the event. In addition, we strongly encourage events to provide training day compensation and per diem.

DAY RATES Platinum Event Gold Event Silver Event Bronze Event
Head Judge $400 $300 $250 $125
Scoring Judge $350 $250 $200 $100

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